Find the correct answer:

1.- Is it the same ‘feeding’ than ‘nutrition’??
- yes
- no
- son dos términos distintos, pero están relacionados
2.- The nutrients we get from different food are:
- Macronutrients and water
- micronutrients and macronutrients
- macronutrients, micronutrients and water.
3.- The macronutrients are formed by ….
- glúcids and lípids
- lípids and proteins
- glúcids, lípids and proteíns.

4.- Micronutrients are formed by…….
- vitamins
- mineral salts
- vitamins and mineral salts

5.- With reference to macronutrients:
- They are found in big quantities in food.
-.They are generally formed by big moles that must be divided in smalles moles so that they can be used by cells
- They are substances that our organism needs in g quantities.
6.- With reference to micronutrients
- They are found in small quantities in food
- Most of hem don't need to be divided
- They are essential but in small quantities.
7.- Carbohydrates have a major function which is ….
- energetic
- defense and transport
- forming structures in our body.
8.- the lipids( fat) have a major function which is ……
- energetic
- regulating
- defense

9.-Proteins have a major function which is …….
- energétic
- estructural, defense, transport and regulation
- defense & transport
10.- The mineral salts and vitamins have a major function which is ……………..
- energétic
- regulating
- defense
11.- Can we store the macronutrients in our body?
- Yes, all of them.
- Only glucids and fat.
- Only proteins
12.- The proteins supply with…………….
- aminoácids
- glucose
- fat acids
13.- Among the carbohydrates present in food we can find:
- simple glucids
- sólo only complex glucids.
- simple and complex glúcids
- sólo only simple glúcids.

14- Write the different nutrients than can be found in the following products:

Sugar honey PASTA bread oil
----------- ----------- ------------ --------- --------------
cake fish potatoes meat flour
------------ ----------------- -------------- ------------- ------------
15.- Have a look at the following sentences. Are they true or false???

  • Fruits and vegetables supply with a lot of fibre.
  • If you don’t have any fibre in your diet causes constipation.
  • We can only find vitamins in fruits and vegetables
  • The Mediterranean diet is very healthy and recommendable.
  • We call ‘diet’ a certain process to lose some weight.
  • It is very healthy to go to school without having breakfast.
  • All human beings have glucose (sugar) and cholesterol in our blood.
  • If we lack vitamin D in our diet we will get a bad calcification of our bones and raquitism.
  • If we get a lot of glucose and lipids we will get obesity
  • The olive oil is very rich in vitamins.
  • The complex glucyds are part of the fibre, so necessary in the good working of our intestines.