1. Presentation

On this page we would like to introduce you to the three participating schools. On the one hand, we have provided some general information about our schools, and on the other hand, our students participating in the Comenius Project in the first year produced a three- minute-video to introduce the students from the other countries to their school and the region they live in.
After this, they watched the videos from the other countries and did some short online tests to show how much they remembered about the other schools.

1.1. Austria

1.1.1. Our School

Our school (BG/BRG/BORG Eisenstadt) is the largest of Burgenland (over 1200 pupils, about 120 teachers) and has a long tradition – in fact as old as the Burgenland. Due to the size of our school we are able to provide a good educational background and the possibility of a setting for individual priorities. Subjects taught comprise (amongst others) humanistic-creative subjects, six languages and ICT.
Because Eisenstadt is near the Hungarian border there has been an increase of Hungarian students in the last years. Of course, there are international attendees too who we support as well as possible.

1.1.2. Our Video

The class 4D (fourteen-year-old pupils) made the video mostly on their own (their ICT teacher helped them edit the video). They wanted to show many places of our region to the students of the other countries.

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1.2. Norway

1.2.1. Our School

Our school (Skeiene ungdomsskole) is in the town of Sandnes on the south west coast of Norway, near the city of Stavanger. Because of the oil and gas industry based here, we experience a strong international environment. Our pupils are very aware of this and they are very motivated in learning English but also other languages too. The oil and gas industry demands a very highly qualified workforce in science and technology, and our school is making efforts to strengthen these areas as well as having pedagogical use of ICT as a main priority.

1.2.2. Our Video

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1.3. Spain

1.3.1. Our School

Our School (IE.S PEDRO CERRADA) is a Secondary School of about 850 pupils and almost 100 teachers, which receives a lot of immigrants along the year, especially from Romania and South America. Also a few from Africa.
The village, Utebo, has got about 18.000 inhabitants and it is not strictly rural… as it has got a lot of industries and companies in the Trade field. It is 10 km from the main town, so more and more people are coming to live here and it is growing in population very fast although the teachers live in town, Zaragoza, which is the capital city of the region.

We have some people with disabilities and some minorities. The catchment area involves two other small villages close to our school so that they come by bus every day.

1.3.2. Our Video

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