comenius_logo.jpgWe are three schools from Spain, Austria and Norway with some experience in the use of ICT and especially LMS/VLE. We are therefore interested in the different challenges through implementation of E-learning in classes. In particular, we are interested in developing the use of learning platforms in Science classes. We will try to increase the interest of our students in science by using ICT and different teaching techniques. Further motivation should be provided by exchange with different schools in Europe.

In this project we will

· study the impact of using ICT in science

· share experiences

· create interdisciplinary synergies to increase other teachers' interest in science and technology

· develop learning-to-learn skills for pupils

· produce cross-curricular activities performed both in English and Science matters

Everything started when we all met in Spain for the planning of the first year of our Comenius Project in October, 2009:

Our main goal was to motivate the students to learn science with the help of ICT inside the classroom and using the ‘itslearning’ virtual platform, where we can put activities and materials to be able to work with.
We decided in this meeting that the topic RISL4E was too abstract so that we would base the main actiivities for the first year around the theme Diversity in Nature. TORRE-SMALL.JPG
So, the first thing to do was to show ‘our surroundings’, that’s why we organized a look around, for the teachers to get to know a little bit about Aragon, our region in the North of Spain. We went to visit a ‘Winecellar’ in Cariñena.

We went to Albarracin, a medieval village and entered the old Roman water system .Then, we visited Dinopolis, the biggest dinausour park in Europe and the Old Coal Mines in Escucha- Teruel.
arightgr2.gif Comenius teachers in Spain 

We also agreed that our students should do some video presentations of the three participant countries (no more than 3m. long) which can be seen in the next section.


arightgr2.gif Presentation of schools